Correfoc Fire Run Festival – Burn, baby, burn!

How close have you ever been to fireworks? Think about it, take your time.
Because here in Catalonia, few times per year, we like to dance and twirl around with the devils in a festival you just won’t believe!

Crazy isn’t it?
And yet, is one of the most popular festivals in Catalonia and represents a pyrotechnic show that involves various groups of dancers dressed as devils who run through the streets setting off shrieking explosions.
This theatrical performance recreates the duel between Good and Evil in a spectacular pyrotechnic performance involving many fireworks and all sorts of similar launchers.
It’s an act that is celebrated as part of the region’s indelible cultural heritage.
And if that wasn’t enough excitement, the devils are accompanied by bands of pipers and drummers pounding out an intense battleground rhythm.

The “devils” carry pitchforks charged with carretillas (a special firecracker that produce a rain of sparks and explodes loudly at the end).
The spectators are welcome to interact by chasing and dodging the devils. And let me tell you that most of the performers are children! So it might look dangerous but in reality, with a bit of precaution, it’s harmless.

You should wear longsleeves cotton clothing to protect yourself from the sparks and use a scarf or bandana to cover your hair. Nevertheless, I never followed these rules and the only major drama was a 2 inch hole in my favorite shirt.

In Barcelona we see the #correfoc fire events at many local festivals including the Festa Major de Gracia in August and The Merce in September every year.  This festival is difficult to forget. Not for the faint-hearted but definitely for the adventurous.

Take a look at some short snaps I took at the 2018 #Correfoc festival in #Barcelona,  and let me know if you’d have the courage to take a run through this madness!

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