I didn’t travel to Porto for its wine, nor did I travel to Porto for its delicious sea food, or its beautiful churches all covered in Azule tiles.
I travelled to Porto mostly to escape the ordinary and to give myself the chance to live few days of pure happiness and forget completely about the stress.
And I didn’t travel alone this time.  Which surprisingly made it even better!There was something quite special about this city. Handsomely rising up from the banks of the Douro river, the city feels like it is slowly been reclaimed by nature – it’s like you’ve suddenly stepped a few centuries back in time.

Think Romanesque and Gothic architecture, labyrinth streets and colorful buildings with laundry hanging to dry on every balcony.  Don’t try to get from A to B, but just wander around and see what’s waiting for you around the next corner.

We got more and more excited, because the city came across so vibrant. It’s all ridiculously picturesque, with plenty of art and culture to keep you occupied for a few days. The tram is a gorgeous retro number that runs between the historic downtown area and the beachfront, as well as a couple of other routes. It’s a fun way to get around in this unchanged piece of history in an ever-changing city.

Exploring the maze-like streets of  Porto’s old neighborhoods is like a treasure hunt – with baroque, Gothic and neoclassical monuments covered in blue-painted ceramic tiles and red-tiled roofs radiating in the sun – Porto is a grand city of romance.





Just like my Barcelona articles, I want to write about Porto in more than one post. This one was dedicated to a general, urban view of the city that I hope you enjoyed. But we’ll talk about food, amazing tourist attractions and the famous Porto wine later on.

Keep an eye out for my next post because it will be delicious! Cheers and thanks for stopping by!
Oh and, have you visited Porto? 


    • Hack Lady says:

      Hey! Thanks, I am happy you like them. And yes, I enjoyed ¨the best Francesinha of Porto¨ (as my friend who lives there and showed us around called it, in her own words). It was delicious!


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