Siesta and tapas.. the ultimate Spanish dream.

I’ve been living in Barcelona, Spain, for approximately 4 years now and it had been a hell of a ride, my friends! This beautiful city can be your hell and your dream and everything in between.
Barcelona will chase you continuously until you embrace everything about her. It’s a ride or dye chick. Be prepared to change your lifestyle, your mentality and your habits if you want to fit in.

The things that now pop in my mind when asked to talk about Spain are not Gaudí and the beautiful beaches anymore.
Although we’ll be talking about those also don’t you worry.
The Spaniards crawled under my skin so deeply that I blindly associate Spain now with various little familiar things like the famous word siesta, for instance.

What’s a siesta, you ask? Well, it’s a typically Spanish activity that I’ve come to realize is essential to life, especially during the summer.
You wish you could take a long, refreshing nap in the middle of your workday, right?
Sure you would.

Well, it’s your lucky day because that’s exactly what a siesta is, my friend. And despite your habits, it will grow on you because you won’t have much to do anyway.
You see, there’s a dead period in the late afternoon when everything shuts down in Spain, in theory, and it’s rather hard to find an activity therefore, you’ll find yourself welcoming the siesta in your life in a jiffy!


Comida! Oh, the Spanish eating schedules and habits… I’m tellin’ ya, people’s priorities are in the right place! Forget about your rich breakfast and embrace the Spanish morning routine: a milky coffee, a fresh natural orange juice and a croissant. El grande desayuno!
That will get you functioning ’till lunch time when you’ll be introduced to the Spanish tapas culture. Which is all about sharing. That’s right. Sharing is caring.
Nobody can be that rebellious to come to Spain and neglect the tapas! These small delicacies mark a journey for all the senses.
Made from traditionally Mediterranean ingredients, especially olive oil, garlic, fish and seafood, you will find your favorite in no time.

Be aware! Lunch time is always packed with people! The waiters are constantly breakin’ a sweat, trying to keep up with the highly energetic crowd. Very few Spaniards actually eat at home.

Frequently going out to grab a bite is part of the cultural changes I’ve gladly embraced here in Spain.  Eating and drinking with friends as you move from one spot to another in search of tapas is a way of life here, and a great way to make new friends in town.

About Spain, and especially Barcelona, I have a lot to share with you. But for now I’ll let you wonder how the famous tapas taste, while you preferably enjoy a siesta also, and I’ll see you soon in my next post in which I’ll walk you through my favorite district of Barcelona. Don’t miss it!

14 thoughts on “Siesta and tapas.. the ultimate Spanish dream.

    • Drop Entry says:

      Hi Laura! I had the same feeling before moving to Spain. I admit, though, it can be a blessing and a curse at the same time. God forbid you need to buy something during the mighty siesta – almost all the shops are closed!😄


  1. iampharaohmaktuk says:

    Oh how I miss some seafood paella right now! I was just there in February/March to learn how to teach English! I actually also never ended up going to the Sagrada de Familia because I went to the Cathedral de Barcelona and thought it was the Sagrada de Familia, in my own mind I already had the experience haha.

    Liked by 1 person

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